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Chistina Pfohl is a multi-talented singer/songwriter with a rich history of music experience. As a teenager,Christina started writing, playing guitar, and performing. In time, she became a staple performer with the coffee-house circuit. As her career evolved, Christina helped create a pop/rock power trio with Melissa Ritter and Amy Dyer. Backed by a six-piece band, "Velvet" toured Southern California venues through 1993, covering classic jazz/ R & B numbers as "Moondance" and "Unchain My Heart".

With Amy Dyer's departure from the group in 1994,Christina and Melissa continued performing under the new name, "Velvet Bleu". By that time,Christina had refined her song writing skills to create a wealth of original material for the group to utilize. With a background now seasoned with jazz, folk, and blues, a very unique signature style was beginning to emerge. In continuing the advancement of her musical career,Christina then formed a company named Top Moon Records, inaugurated with the release of Velvet Bleu's debut CD, "Rhapsody" in 1995. To date, cuts from Rhapsody are being played on a multitude of radio stations around the U.S.

Now, in 1996,Christina Pfohl's career has gone to full bloom. With headline billing as a soloist, she now showcases her versatility with several different configurations of musical backing. As a trio with just a classical-style guitar and saxophone, or with a full six-piece band,Christina's rich vocal style and heart-felt lyrics never fail to penetrate the listening audience. With songs such as "Highway 101" about an escape to natures refuge, and "Golden Angel" written as a tribute to Nicole Simpson, her words take on the quality of a musical landscape. In summary, a night spent with Christina Pfohl's music is memorable indeed.

For the latest info on Christina and Velvet Bleu visit the official web site at www.velvetbleu.com

To order Velvet Bleu Rhapsody,
Send check or money order for $15.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling to:
Top Moon Records,
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